Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Markathon Anniversary July2011

Dear Readers,

Anniversary editions are tough. There is pressure all around. Pressure to hold up the legacy of the brilliant work done by the previous teams and pressure to live up to the expectations of the readers.
With these things on our mind, the editorial team took up the challenge of doing something very different with this edition, something that would leave a mark. A few brainstorming sessions later, the idea of a Vartalaap special was born. The Vartalaap section of our magazine has always been an extremely popular feature and this prompted us to go for an issue which only had interviews. Over the past 3 years we have had some of the best names in the field of management grace the Vartalaap section of the magazine. Vartalaap has also interviewed leading personalities from the corporate world. The challenge however, lay in the fact that we had to have not just one interview but a magazine comprising of interviews only.
I am thankful to the entire team for working hard and getting in some of the biggest names in the world of marketing. We have authors, brand consultants, academia and some of the biggest names from Indian business. I cannot help but thank Sria Majumdar for the hard work she has put in to get these eminent personalities interviewed for our magazine. Without her contribution, this edition would not be half as good as it is.
Team Markathon also expresses its heartfelt gratitude to each and every one who agreed to get interviewed for the magazine. They were really patient with our team and gave us some excellent interviews. We realise that they took time off their busy schedules and consented for being interviewed for this edition.
I am very grateful to the design team of the magazine for infusing the interviews with wonderful images and colours. They have been enormously patient with the enormous number of last minute changes and edits I’ve sent to them.
Last but not the least; I am thankful to the faculty and administration at IIM Shillong for providing support to the team at every juncture, not only for this edition but throughout the years. A large part of the magazine’s success is due to their unwavering support.
Without further ado, Team Markathon gives you its 3rd Anniversary edition.
Sit back and enjoy this issue!

Jitesh Pradeep Patel