Thursday, March 10, 2011

Markathon February 2011

Dear Readers,

The World Cup fever is up and running, now that slowly and steadily we are moving towards the business end of it. The minnows, if I may call them that with due respect, have as expected caused a few upsets. But as far as I am concerned the match that has been the ONE of this world cup so far has been the tie between India & England. No doubt the match in itself was a roller coaster ride, but what has left An indelible mark in my mind and many others’ too post that match was the suspense breaking launch of Vodafone’s Super ZooZoos. To denote the huge shift in technology from 2G to 3G, ZooZoos have become Super ZooZoos to communicate Faster, Smarter and Better services with Vodafone 3G.

To launch the ZooZoos this time around, Vodafone have taken a different approach. It launched four teasers almost a week before to create a buzz for the upcoming ZooZoos. The teasers left people guessing what Vodafone is supposed to announce this time. The telecom giant had used all the mediums for a week long teaser campaign. Vodafone even had an exclusive tie-up with NDTV Group to present the teasers in the form of Breaking News Alert.

The inspiration for Super Zoozoo, apparently is that it’s like ‘Superman meets Rajinikanth’ – Rajinikanth style with Superman’s powers. It’s all the clich├ęs of superhero films – like using the eyes as a laser and so on.

Vodafone, have a got a hands down winner in their stables, yet again! J

In this month’s Cover Story, we look at and analyse the Private Labels that are rising from strength to strength and giving the established players a run for their money. We were prompted to look at the strength of the Private Labels after the recent spat between some of the retail chains and Reckitt Benckiser. The retails chains countered the announcement of margins being cut by stocking their own labels replacing some of Reckitt’s products. We analyse what makes the labels click and why brands are increasingly concerned about the labels.

In this month’s Vartalaap we have Mr. Douglas Holt, who talks to us about Branding in the Socio-Cultural context. Mr Holt, who is currently Professor of Marketing at Said Business School, Oxford University has authored a couple of books on Cultural Branding and gives us valuable insights on how cultural issues are necessary to keep a brand ticking.

We also have a special feature talk with Mr. Seth Godin, one of the most renowned marketers in present day marketing. He shares with us some wonderful insights ranging from his favourite book, his idea for Permission Marketing in India, his views on the world of blogging and much more.

Moving on, it has been exactly a year since I took over as the Editor from my illustrious seniors and these past twelve months have been nothing short of an exhilarating roller coaster ride. In this period I have interacted with a number of corporates & academia, written and read a number of articles from some of the best minds in the country and also interacted with them. All this has taught me innumerable valuable lessons which would stand me in good stead no matter where I go.

Coming out with a monthly magazine is by no means an easy task, and to have done this month after month, without fail, is solely because of the team I had that was backing me up, behind the scenes.
This bunch of marketing enthusiasts has shown me what Markathon meant to them, by the sheer effort and passion they have displayed. I am forever indebted to my editorial team including Debanjana Sinha, Samita Srijaya Patnaik, Samrat Singh Yadav, Saurabh Kumar Sinha & Varshik Nimmagadda.
I would like to place on record my gratitude to two of the most patient souls I have worked with, my designers, Keshav Sahani & Priyanka Pandit, without whom Markathon would not be complete.

I would also like to thank the faculty, especially Prof. D.K.Agrawal and the administration for their unwavering support through thick and thin.

Last but not the least me and my team would like to express our sincere gratitude to YOU, our readers and contributors without whom this dream called Markathon wouldn’t have turned into reality.

Now it is time for us to pass on the baton to our juniors who we believe will continue to strive and give you the best in marketing and ensure that Markathon becomes an iconic brand.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that Jitesh Pradeep Patel would be the next Editor, Markathon, supported by his able colleagues, Gaurav, Kaustubh, Rahul, Ritika, Sana, Sria & Yashwanth.

We hope that you continue to shower your love and blessings on them as much as you did on us and more J.

Signing off for one last time on behalf of the entire Markathon team J

Happy Reading.

Love & Regards

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