Thursday, May 5, 2011

Markathon April 2011

Dear Readers,

It is that time of the year again, when the B-schools students find themselves undergoing the Summer Internship, exploring the world of marketing on a first hand basis for probably the first time. The experience is surely going to be one filled with learning and understanding how the ground reality is different from what we’ve read in our books- Kotler and the likes.

The one question that was on all Media Buying companies, WC or IPL, seems to have been answered for now. The IPL viewership figures have not been very encouraging compared to the WC which was a runaway hit. Maybe the latter part of the IPL might see some better numbers.

One campaign that has caught my eye during the IPL has been that of Cadbury’s rejuvenated “Kuch Meetha ho Jaaye” one. It is a very smart move by Cadbury which is trying to position Dairy Milk as a post mean dessert snack which might reap rich dividends. This moves away from the normal positioning as a chocolate for special occasions and festivals.

Markathon has always strived to bring you the best analysis and content related to the domain of marketing. In continuation with this singular objective, Markathon is proud to announce that we are starting a brand new feature from this edition. We have Mr. Martin Lindstrom, Bestselling author and premier Brand Consultant, giving us his wonderful insights about Brands and buying behaviour of consumers. In this month’s edition, we feature his thought provoking article, Smash Your Brand, which talks about how a brand’s logos should be designed to maintain its identity even when smashed into pieces. We are bringing this feature as syndication in association with The Martin Lindstrom Company Ltd. Markathon thanks them for giving us access to the wonderful article base.

Our cover story for this month is on Brand India. Much has been talked about how India is emerging as a brand after liberalisation. In our story we explore what Brand India means and how it is evolving. We dig deep to identify the meaning of a Country brand and the origin of the term Brand India. We also look at how the Government is working for Brand India as well as what it has done for the ‘Aam Aadmi’ of the country. I am sure you will find the story a fascinating and informative read.

In this month’s Vartalaap we have a very special guest, Mr. Vivek Mehra who is the MD and CEO of Sage Publications India Ltd. He gives us a wonderful interview running us through the world of publishing and also SAGE publications’ Legends of Marketing Series.

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Jitesh Pradeep Patel

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