Sunday, July 8, 2012

Markathon July 2012 Anniversary Edition

Dear Readers,

When we celebrate our birth anniversaries, we are excited and feel glad to complete our previous years of life, but there also lingers a shadow over us, the shadow of despair which makes you realise that you are now closer to the end of your life, however this is not the case when we celebrate the anniversary of the day when a thought became reality, a thought which was born to create and carry forward the legacy for years to come. Yes the thought we are talking about here is the thought of the first Monthly Marketing B-School Magazine of India, which was realised four years back and came out to be known as Markathon. We are proud to carry forward the legacy of the previous teams and having lived up to the expectation of the readers. As you go through this edition, we have tried to create an illustrious, memorable and delightful experience for you through our touché of design, diversity of work and the dedication of souls behind making it a successful celebration of our another year of commitment. We truly appreciate Mr. N Krishna Chaitanya, PGP participant of 2013 batch at IIM Shillong for helping us in an effort to engage you through his acumen of quizzing.

At this juncture, Team Markathon feels privileged to thank eminent personalities from
the world of Corporates and Academia who took time off their tight schedules to give interviews and for being patient with our team. We would also like to express our gratitude to readers across the nation for their continuous support and enthusiasm. We extend our sincere regards to the faculty and the administration at IIM Shillong for mentoring us and supporting us throughout this endeavor. But ultimately what has been the backbone of achievements and recognition of Markathon so far is the team work, dedication and that strive among each one of us to make it big and better for Markathon is what’s commendable!

With this theme, we are glad to present to our readers, the fourth Anniversary edition of Markathon which is dedicated to those, who had shown the courage to choose the journey different from others, on the path, full of risk and uncertainty. Yes, we are referring to the budding entrepreneurs, who, through their passion, enthusiasm and courage, were able to create successful start-ups in the country. The kind of vagueness under which these people put their heart and soul without the assurance of funds and infrastructure gives a totally different perspective of marketing from the ones given by the brains sitting in the boardroom of top notch corporate houses.

Going with the theme, our Vartalaap for this month features Ms. Shradha Sharma, Founder and Chief Editor of After working at top positions in Times of India and CNBC TV18, Shradha started in 2008 to provide a platform to support entrepreneurial start-ups across different parts of the country. Techsparks, a forum created by this company helps small start-ups and business ideas, by providing a lot of visibility and access to investors. We also have another Vartalaap from the world of Academia featuring Mr. Kavil Ramchandara, who is a famous professor at Indian School of Business and has specialization in resource building and competitive strategies of new firms and family businesses. He shares with us the marketing aspects considered by start-ups to make their business profitable and sustainable in future.

This time, we put a sincere request to give us your valuable feedback and suggestions at for this edition to help us serve you better.
Be ready and cautious for the incredible journey because this is “The Road Less Travelled”.

Sit back and enjoy this edition!

Team Markathon

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