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Rural Entrepreneurship Marketing: Through E-Commerce

Anu Kaushik | Bharati Vidyapeeth Institute of Management And Research, New Delhi

With the ascent in use of web and making enthusiasm among people in India, the e-Commerce space has touched the new statures. More people and associations are presently capitalizing in ecommerce to enhance and shape their business. Breaking the conventional promoting methodology which had a standpoint of print media ruled as an initially limited classified service, electronic commerce has changed this long recognized trend to the expediency services for customers.

 Today, numerous organizations are picking up accomplishment through conveying this innovation and to attain their position in the market. Not simply household benefits, moreover globalization of business on a worldwide reason has created enthusiasm for the organizations which confide in “development” through ecommerce. Also, this won’t just improve the trade of firm, however will also give a stupendous stage and an alternate open entryway for creating profits through different channels of distribution.

Moreover, the speedy move of e-Commerce as a genuine business has pulled in a lot of little organizations and goaloriented individuals’ interest. It is renowned in urban region of India as well as famous among rural and private groups who are presently centering more on such technologies and by grasping these opportunities they are trying to create awareness about their products among urban clients. This dynamic change is bringing care to such rustic business visionaries who have limited their source to physical conveyance. Presently they can without much of an effort show and offer their items and diverse pleasantries to the individuals on the web. Giving simplicity in service to clients and offering uniqueness of their products to the world, such rustic ambitious people are progressing and adding qualities to their organizations.

 Ecommerce Penetration in Rural India

 Ecommerce today is a crucial component which has gotten to be noteworthy piece of smart and quick way of life for a number of inhabitants in India. Nation today is at the edge of computerized transformation. Declining expenses for broadband membership, underpinned by the dispatch of 3G service, web entrance in residential communities and rustic territories have expanded gigantically. This has incited a rising number of “netizens” in urban and rural India, as clear from the report of IAMAI, which has expected that India will have more than 243 million web customers by December 2014. It has additionally expressed that with the advancement from year to year, the improvement in number of sites created by provincial and rural area businesses will further increment to 28%.

A huge 63% of rustic e-commerce ventures have been started by entrepreneurs who show guarantee to ecommerce sector, an assurance by considering the growth and development and with consistent effort they have grabbed a lot of consideration of all huge and small sizefirms as well as funding speculators.

A Case:

An attempt has been made to showcase how rustic business visionaries have utilized and aimed to create benefit through ecommerce. By finishing unprecedented strides in mounting firms and delivering jobs over the late decades, they have likewise confronted numerous challenges and difficulties. To that end, an illustration of organization has been considered i.e., which has effectively used ecommerce as a marketing tool for generating awareness among clients about its services and products. A representation about the case is given:

Mitticool Clay Creation
Dist: Rajkot (Gujarat) India

Mitticool is enrolled trademark/brandmark of MITTI COOL CLAY CREATIONS, an ISO certified organization. The organization designs and creates a whole run and assortment of earth items for general use in the kitchen like hot plates, cookers, fridges, water filters and other such products of commonplace utilization. It was established by Mansukhbhai Prajapati. He is a pioneer and visionary man who produced a creation like mitticool fridge that did not require electricity or solar power and could be used by many. Mansukhbhai had exposure to the clay tradition and practices since adolescence, as this was his father’s established profession.

Thus, by commercializing these products and now considered as a successful entrepreneur, owner has also created his organization dynamic on online networking and has site for producing business-, which was started in 2009 and works till date. The firm has given complete information about the holder, products, their achievements, media updates, request forms & contact details on the site. This allows their customers to contact them for telephonic orders, requesting information that helps them to easily enquire through emails. Also, the association offers its items online through Craftsvilla and Nethaat, where web shopping cart is available for its customers. Additionally, the firm also enthralls demands and requests orders from their Facebook page. Therefore, it is evident that organization has created awareness to customers through ecommerce and capitalized it as one of the effective marketing tool.

 Producing great web vicinity has put on even hold and equalization with bigger contenders and a fortune by keeping site on first page of search optimization is an alternate commitment to business. Mansukhbha, by joining few present day practices of e-commerce, has possessed the capacity to procure profits for his firm. Through internet presence and website, it clearly depicts that the owner is trying to expand business and ecommerce is playing as a source to market the firm effectively across the world. It is not only creating awareness among the people, but his brilliant innovations like clay fridge are enabling him to take orders easily through internet where his physical reach is not possible.


 Through above case, the careful investigation delineates that numerous country entrepreneurs today are either arranging or stretching to new markets, dealing with their client base, enhancing their operational adequacy and business limits through productive utilization of technology. This has changed the mind set of individuals living in rustic and urban areas that entrepreneurs are not only aware about such technology but many of them have exploited it to a large extent with their accessible capacities. They have also thought of delivering it prior to their competitors by monitoring changes occurring rapidly in these sets of tools.

It has been said that the urban individuals can undoubtedly utilize the facilities offered by such organizations yet question arises mostly what keeps rural purchaser from asking for online orders to his/her doorstep? One snag could be the nonappearance of online installment instruments like credit/ platinum cards or net-saving money preventing these purchasers from buy. Regardless the circumstances are evolving rapidly, with rustic and residential area firms like mitticool. Numerous others have offered different options to such customers through their sites. Now customer’s mostly rural clients will be more familiar with organization’s product and can easily call for home delivery through a telephonic order where numbers and email address are provided on their websites and product will get deliver according to customer’s convenience, creating rural to rural reach.

Therefore, it is true to say that dipping reliance on retail deals, Ecommerce is playing a crucial role in expanding awareness of the product to comprehend and manage the demand of buyers and has become one of the major marketing tool for the businesses mostly rural entrepreneurs, who with their limited resources are trying to make it big.


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