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Catch and Miss || Kasturi guha Thakurta & Ansul Jindal , IIM Shillong || July 2015 Edition

Catch and Miss
Kasturi Guha Thakurta & Ansul Jindal, IIM Shillong

PRODUCT: Havells Wires
POSITIONING: Wires that don’t catch fire
YouTube Link: watch?v=JDk3GQkTyN4

The film opens to a cold, winter morning at Dal Lake. A daughter, who has obviously risen early to prepare lunch for her working father rows a boat across the lake to deliver food in a tiffin box. By the time she reaches, the food is almost cold. Fearing that the food will become inedible once it’s cold, she urges her father to eat immediately. But her father bogged down by work, shirks her away and rebukes her. Undeterred the girl continues urging her father, but then she eventually gives up and leaves. But before leaving she uses Havells wires as an apparatus to heat the food, because she is sure that they won’t catch fire.

VERDICT: Catch       
Havells Wires, in yet another catchy ad has managed to capture the father daughter emotional bond to show the usability of the Havells wires. Havells, which has been long known for its emotionally and socially appealing ad campaigns has yet again lived up to its expectation with this ad. The strategy being that a functional benefit such as a fire-proof wire when shown through an emotional angle makes the communication seem more relatable and believable. Team Markathon believes that this emotional campaign will leave a lasting impression on its viewers’ minds. 

PRODUCT: Hyundai Creta 
CREATIVE AGENCY: Inhouse production of Hyundai India               
YouTube Link:: watch?v=9ypxRGSrS-k 

The official social media agency of Hyundai India made Hyundai Creta teaser video by posting it on YouTube, twitter & Facebook.  In the TVC there are two people, a lady and a man. It is a very short video with a duration of 18 seconds that showcases the full stylish skeleton body of Hyundai Creta as seen in sketches and design renderings of interiors and exteriors of the car. The man goes for a long test drive of the car. As we all know that Hyundai is using the fluidic sculpture 2.0 design for Creta, the same has been showed in the TV ad for initial few seconds of the video. At the end the lady in the car tells the man that she also wants to try the car. At the end the TVC ends with the display of the car.

According to Markathon, the advertisement failed drastically in capturing the consumer’s attention and lacked creativity. If the brand plans to capture majority share in the market they have to come up with something interesting that will convert every prospect customer in the market to a user of their product. Apart from this the timing of the launch was also not appropriate since Maruti also launched a SUV before the launch of Hyundai. Hence it will cut cross each other. Talking about the advertisement, the technicalities were touched upon more than the features. Since the customer doesn’t know much about the technicalities hence it will be difficult for the customer to link the product to their needs. 

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