Saturday, December 5, 2015

AD-Dicted - Catch or Miss || Kasturi Guha Thakurta & Ansul Jindal || IIM Shillong || November 2015 edition


PRODUCT: OLX Bech De Campaign

POSITIONING: Keemat bhi, Kuch keemti bhi

CREATIVE AGENCY: Mullen Love Lintas 

YouTube Link:



This time again OLX released this heartwarming ad under its Aadhe Tere Aadhe Mere campaign. It suggests sharing of dreams to make your loved ones happy. The ad shows a
story of a married couple. One day when the husband fails to pick his wife from her workplace, she realizes that she is so much depended on her husband for every day travelling need to and fro her workplace. When the husband realizes this, he sells their bigger car to buy two smaller cars for each of them. This way, the husband gives his wife her independence back.


OLX has taken an emotional route and weaved a real good story which will connect with many working couples. It shows the expression of love and respect for the wife. OLX has also managed to successfully focus on car buying and selling in this ad. The concept that bigger is not always better has been successfully shown by OLX. The background song makes this ad even more appealing. Markathon thinks that this ad will definitely create a positive impact for the brand.


PRODUCT: Intex LED 5010 FHD TV Commercial

POSITIONING: Colour and sound in perfect harmony

CREATIVE AGENCY: August Communications

YouTube Link:


The ad shows an orchestra playing violins as the conductor
waves his stick and directs the musicians. As tunes play loud through the violins, bright and bold colours are shown to pop out of the ground. The ad moves forward and a lot of other musicians join in with instruments like the sitar and trumpet. The ad is set in the picturesque location of ancient Europe but even the backdrop fails to add to the quality of the ad. As the music grows louder and faster, the colour jumps higher into the sky in perfect sync with each other. The ad ends with the
statement “Colour and sound in perfect harmony”.

Markathon believes that the ad fails to stay with you for a long time. Though set in a beautiful location, it does not create much difference to make the product stand out. Nothing much is said in the ad about the product features.The viewers are left with a lot of questions about the product, its uses and features. Also in the age where advertisements are evolving and becoming all the more thoughtful, this ad fails to evoke strong feelings in the viewers, making it an ad easy to forget.


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