Monday, June 20, 2016

Ad-dicted - Catch or Miss || Sharad Srinivasan and Astha Kabra || IIM Shillong || February 2016 edition


PRODUCT: Ariel : Share the Load

POSITIONING: Share the household workload


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The advertisement opens with a daughter reading out her father’s letter, as he is headed
back to his home after visiting her for a few days. The advertisement shows how
the daughter, who is also working in a corporate firm, finishes all the household work while her husband relaxes after a hectic day and watches TV. The father, watching
all this quietly, regrets having not brought the girl up by teaching her that only girls do the household work. As he goes home, he realises that he himself has never helped his wife in the household chores and decides on changing this attitude. On reaching his house, he surprises his wife by unpacking his clothes on his own and putting them to wash. This brings tears of joy to the eyes of the daughter. The ad closes with the caption #ShareTheLoad.


Markathon believes that BBDO has again flawlessly managed to capture the hearts of the customers with this
emotional advertisment. With the ongoing buzz about social marketing, Ariel positions itself very clearly with this
advertisement. Also, while competitors engage in price
and quality wars, Ariel has set itself apart by bringing out
yet another one of a kind advertisement. The flow, the
idea and the execution, all of them were spot on. All in all,
Markathon believes this heart touching advertisements
has, with over 5 lakh views in just 10 days of its release,
won more than a million hearts.


Image result for rajnigandha logoPRODUCT: Rajnigandha Silver Pearls - Mouth freshener

POSITIONING: Let goodness flow in your heart


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The setup of the advertisement is in a grand, upscale hotel. The ad begins with Priyanka Chopra climbing down a flight of stairs in the hotel. She is dressed in a flamboyant manner, complementing the posh hotel interiors. While she walks down the flight of stairs, she is shown to be in deep introspection. She thinks about all the negative things that are said about her in the general public, lacking emotional depth, being an arrogant person. She doesn’t let these thoughts affect her and the scene ends with a small, spontaneous gesture she makes to help a hotel staff member. With this she reaches the conclusion that what matters is ‘What your actions are, not what people say or think about you’. The advertisement ends with Priyanka Chopra having a handful of the product, Rajnigandha-Silver Pearls (Mouth Freshener). The tagline flashes on the screen, ‘Achchai ki ek alag chamak hoti hai’..

Markathon believes that the advertisement fails to establish
a connection between the product offering and the
visuals presented. A first time viewer may misconstrue
the product as a jewelry item rather than a premium
mouth freshener due to the classy, upscale set up. The
entire ad campaign has been made successful only because
of the videos that followed up the initial one, which
make it clear what the ‘achchai’ in the mouth freshener is
and how does it make one shine. To sum up, Markathon
believes neglecting basics such as product description &
clarity of idea flow, let the advertisement down

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