Thursday, November 24, 2011



Titan, in the Indian context has become synonymous with watches. The brand which started as a joint venture between the TATA Group and Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation in July 1984 has grown to become India’s leading watch brands capturing over 50% of the market share.

Titan brought about a paradigm shift in the Indian watch market offering quart technology with international styling at a time when the only technology prevalent was that of the bulky and reliable mechanical spring.

Titan brought in the ritual of gifting watches and it benefitted hugely from the campaign which included a series of films depicting strong emotional bonds and moving personal moments. In a time when watches were considered no more than a time keeping device, Titan positioned itself as a fashion accessory and introduced the concept of “Matching Watches To Clothes”. It roped in Aamir Khan as its brand ambassador to match with the brands new persona.

Talking of the communication of Titan requires a mention of the sonic branding done by the brand- Mozart’s 25th Symphony which is arguably Indian Advertising’s most memorable track and has seen a number of innovations ranging from Indian Classical, Indian Folk, Operatic to Rock and Funk.

In an attempt to increase its volumes Titan introduced brand Sonata which was a huge success in itself owing to its cheap prices but it fell heavily on the mother brand Titan which was perceived as a premium brand. Realising this mistake Titan took away its brand name from Sonata which was then endorsed by Tata.

The World Of Titan, another pioneering effort from Titan, was born to introduce the concept of retailing in the watch market. This network of exclusive showrooms helped the brand establish itself as one of the most prestigious and visible retail brands in the country.

Titan’s latest tagline, “Be More”, encompasses all that the brand stands for-leadership, innovation and pride in the consumers’ mind and appeals strongly to every contemporary Indian. The campaign, conceptualised by O&M, seeks to nurture and maintain the appeal of the iconic brand and invite consumers to cherish Titan as a symbol of their own identities. The Titan Aviator series, the Titan Octane collection, Titan Raga crystals for women, and Titan Heritage each represent a different identity. Titan also targeted children and youth with its brands Dash and “The Cool Watches”- Fastrack.

Realising that the only way to sustain the fashion accessory perception is by continuous innovation, Titan has come up with several sub-brands to connect with the various facets of deep-rooted human yearnings for self-expression. The Raga focussed on different roles that a woman plays, that of a mother, a wife, a girlfriend and how from 9 to 5, she becomes a professional after fulfilling her other roles. The target was the woman in metros from Sec A homes and former Miss India Gul Panag was roped in as the brand ambassador.

Xylys, another offering from Titan, brought about a redefinition of sorts in the premium watch segment. It was targeted at new generation achievers who go beyond the obvious who know who they are and set their own standards and live by their own values. It is a style statement for those who stand apart from the crowd.

The most stellar example of Titan’s innovation is the Edge, positioned as the slimmest watch in the universe. This technological marvel received the Best Design Award in the Lifestyle Product category.

Titan has indeed created a market for itself with careful strategies and constant innovation. Coupled with passion and energy, the brand Titan has a very promising future.


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