Monday, June 29, 2015

Ad-dicted || Catch

Ad Agency: Lowe Lintas and Partners
Positioning: A wedding to remember
Client: Tanishq

We live in a country where marriage is seen as the new chapter of once life.A lot of emotions are connected with the institution of marriage.and we cannot deny the very fact that we live in a male dominating society. Since ages ago,a man can have multiple marriages and even today the concept of remarriage of a man seems completely fine but the same vision blurred when it comes to women.Tanishq latest flick,with the premise of remarriage as the backdrop of the storyline,the heartrending advertisement depicts a little girl on the occasion of her mother's wedding while the mother hushes up the girl's signal to join the couple in the pheras, the father seeing her evident disappointment take her in his arms and the three make their rounds arounds the sacred fire portraying wedding to remember.


Tanishq, has successfully managed to create a sound of a young and bold women depicting her uniqueness of choice, ideas and design. Through this advertisement Tanishq targeted the young women of today who are looking for differentiation in design through a progressive and bold story. This ad not only breaks the old norms but also create the new one's where a women is free to feel and take important decisions of her life. The background Music and the scenario created in this ad only highlight its optimism and the passivity of message through emotions is the show stealer. Tanishq with its latest flick has managed to stand completely out of the queue of brands of jewelry and has successfully established itself as the institution, connecting emotions with their product and are selling happiness widely. This ad definitely make us sit back on our couch and ponder the beauty of emotions draw in a single thread and thus making it a must watch.

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