Monday, June 29, 2015

Ad-dicted || Miss

Lava Iris X8
Ad agency: Shop Ad Agency

Positioning Statement: We put the art in smart

Comment: This new ad by Lava for its Iris X8 mobile phone shows a girl meeting a boy in a flight training academy. Both of them misunderstand each other to be the instructor and board the airplane in this confusion. While on air, both realize that neither of them is the instructor. Panic stricken on what to do next, they take out a Lava Iris X8 Phone and switches on something which looks like a flight training app! Following the instructions as they appear on the phone screen, they manage to avoid a crash and save themselves. As the phone saves their day (and life), the ad comes to an end.

Verdict: Miss

Launching the phone with the airplane flying app as its positioning highlight misfired the entire strategy (if there was any). Unlike other mobile ads which either highlight phone features or try to connect emotionally with the audience through a story, this ad lacks any of the success ‘mantras’. The ad lacks plot and anything else that would have otherwise made for a good ad. It fails to  generate any interest for the phone, thus serving no purpose.

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