Saturday, September 4, 2010

Markathon December 2009

Dear Readers,

After the special focus on the emergence of in-film branding in the October issue, we are back with more from the booming Indian media industry in the new issue; with a special analysis of Indian Film Industry through Bollywood Inc. Though Bollywood in India dates back to the pre-independence era, its importance as an industry and a revenue provider to the exchequer, has been felt only recently. It no longer remains a mere mass producer of Masala movies but now gives stiff competition to the leading movie industries across the globe in terms of value as well as ROI. The foundation of Bollywood Inc. is further strengthened by cross border deals with the ‘big b’s’ of Hollywood and entry of corporate behemoths like Aditya Birla and Reliance onto the bandwagon. While multiplex culture has brought in a lively business model to its foray; digitization of content and distribution is giving fillip to the growth race. Changing customer preferences are also influencing this to a great extent and allowing many short budget movies to become resounding stories of success. The melodrama phenomenon synonymous with Bollywood is fast receding to make way for the employment of modern management practices in this industry. Earlier it was the movie budget and star cast that mattered the most but now the pre and post production campaigns have taken the center stage in decision making as they now take more than 30 percent of the total budget. In recognition of the potential of the industry, IIM Ahmadabad has also made a foray into academic research for this field. So Bollywood is now no more a mere hunting ground for becoming the next Shah Rukh Khan, but offers a whole lot new opportunity for minting money professionally.
I gladly welcome the guest of the month, Dr. Dinesh Keskar, President, Boeing India. Dr Keskar’s career path has been every greenhorn’s dream and an incumbent’s envy. His multiple transformations from being a space engineer to a salesman and then leading an organization of international repute is a testament to his glaring persona. But it’s easier said than done and requires a perfect blend of dedication, commitment and attitude to not only achieve that feat but also savor it fulfilling the expectation of all your stakeholders. In the interview he has talked about the growing clout of Indian Aerospace Industry from the perspectives of both civilian and military demand and emergence of new drivers of growth for Boeing.
Big news is that we are coming up with our website It has been developed in-house by the students of IIM Shillong and we have tried our best to make it informative as well as interactive. Please feel free to suggest further improvements.
The stories from the nation’s future marketing wizards will be compelling enough to cause goose bumps and make the study of marketing much easier.
Looking forward to your wishes and support.

Asit Kumar Jain

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