Saturday, September 4, 2010

Markathon July 2009

“Distant Winds have a way of moving faster than we imagine”

Dear Readers,

The word “caution” is usually used in two contexts. First one, when an imminent danger is approaching and the second context intimates about missing an opportunity. In the retrospect of the first sentence, I link the above analogy with the opportunities to be savoured from the UPA II’s first budget. The budget has infused gargantuan funds into the rural and social sector, thus creating a multiplier effect for the economy. Tax rates have been curtailed in many forms to infuse corporate & individualtreasuries with fresh cash. But instead of fine-tuning tax saving plans, I would suggest one to channelize their saving towards building a robust wealth portfolio. Moreover, again my projections take me to marketing companies, in particular FMCG and auto sector, where their exposure to rural economy makes them the right choice for investment.Leveraging brand equity to generate cash flows is one of the most important functions of marketers. The same importance has been demonstrated in the Cover Story where sports sponsorship is projected as the saviour in disguise. Dr Douglous Turco from Drexel University has opined on a range of subjects concerning the sport sponsorship industry and has also talked about its basic premises in India. It is really disheartening to see the dismal appeal of sport in India, where its followers constitute a meagre 0.4% of the population as compared to up to 70 % in developed economies like Australia. Thus, of late, Indian marketers are slowly realizing the immense potential of the sport sponsorship market and it would be interesting to see how they exploit this opportunity in the upcoming Commonwealth Games.In the special session with Prof Nirmalya Kumar of London Business School, he has talked about the upcoming challenges in marketing and has also briefed about his world renowned concept of 3V model. His immense command on the subject is best understood through the real life application of the model, as explained by him during the course of the interview.
How to derive maximum profitability by endorsing a celebrity as well as the value chain formula of Asian Paints is opined by students of MDI Gurgaon and IIM Bangalore respectively. Our Silent Voice section has become synonymous with another Ad event of the country, bringing participation from every corner of the nation.
This issue marks the internationalization of Markathon. We need your support and wishes to continue this growth story at exponential pace and spread the mantra of Marketing. Looking forward to your feedback.

Asit Kumar Jain

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