Saturday, September 4, 2010

Markathon March 2010

Dear Readers,

As I sit down to write my First Editorial, a million emotions gush through me. A feeling of joy & ecstasy, a sense of responsibility, a sense of gratitude, a sense of ownership, a sense of having achieved something. I could go on & on, but just because I’m the Editor I don’t get to exceed the word limit given by the designer. He still is the boss!!
A special feeling in the midst of all these emotions: this is the Anniversary Issue of Markathon and the timing couldn’t have been better for the new team to take over the baton passed on by our illustrious seniors. From the humble beginnings it had, to the present status Markathon has achieved, the journey has been a story of sheer determination and willpower. To come out with a monthly magazine, that too on a pan-India level, with quality contentis easier said than done. The list of people interviewed by Markathon includes the cream of the academia & the who's who of the corporate world.
This stands testimony to the quality and credibility of our magazine, and this goes to show that our seniors have done their job with utmost dedication and devotion.
With the new team comes a fresh set of ideas, new perspectives on various issues & a variety of innovative initiatives to take the magazine to greater heights. You can be rest assured that this new team will strive hard to not only satisfy your expectations, but also exceed them.
This being the Anniversary Issue, we thought it would be ideal to give a snapshot of the year that went by. Our Cover Story “Total Recall” presents to you what according to Team Markathon were the Best Brands or Practices in those fields which we felt were the most happening areas of Marketing, namely, Advertising, Green Marketing, Event Marketing, Product Launches, Consumer Trends & Packaging.
We have also selected and published the Best of the Articles and Ads published in the past year, for Strategic Analysis, Pandora’s Box, Perspective, Productolysis & Silent Voice.
In the Vartalaap section, we have a conversation with Prof. Jagmohan S.Raju, Chairperson of the Marketing Department at Wharton, University of Pennsylvania. A man of little words, but those little words pack a punch and are truly inspirational.
To conclude, I, on behalf of the whole team, would like to thank our senior team for all that they have done for us and giving us the opportunity to carry forward and realise their dream.
Last but not the least I shall request, YOU, the readers & subscribers of Markathon to bless us and shower on us the same love and affection you had shown to our seniors and help us in our endeavour to make Markathon an iconic brand.
Happy Reading

Kaushik Subramanian

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