Monday, November 23, 2015

AD-dicted - Catch or Miss || Kasturi Guha Thakurta & Ansul Jindal || IIM Shillong || August 2015 edition


PRODUCT: Apple iPhone 6 

POSITIONING: Let’s Go Indian 


YouTube Link: watch?v=7kxXVnAtnOQ 

The TVC shows a bridegroom getting ready and proceeding to reach his wedding venue. He is shown using a new iPhone 6 to connect with his bride-to-be until finally meeting her at the wedding venue. The ad starts with the groom clicking a selfie with his new iPhone 6, and sends it to the girl via iMessage (messages of Apple devices). The girl replies by sending him a picture of herself, but she carefully avoids to show her face, since it’s considered bad luck for the groom to see the beautiful bride before the ceremony on the final day. The couple are later shown keeping in touch via FaceTime, the company’s video-chatting service, as an enabler for a shared experience while away from each other, but again, the girl is careful not to show her face to the groom. The 60 second commercial finally ends, when the two meet at the altar and a voiceover that says: “We know how hard it is to wait for something special. Which is why we offer the iPhone 6 on easy EMI.” 

Apple plays up the aspirational appeal of its phones, showing a glamorous Indian bride using Facetime, Apple’s video calling feature, to send coy flashes to her groom of a henna-ed hand or skirt hem before their wedding. Though we feel that Apple could have done much more than project just a ‘marriage’ in the ad like highlighting some important features of the device, we liked the ‘un’Appleness of the ad. After the ad went on air, a few fans took to Twitter and voiced out their opinion which was very much in favour of this ad being Indian. 


PRODUCT: Nivea Lip Balm 

POSITIONING: Best Friend Forever 

CREATIVE AGENCY: Interface Communications 

YouTube Link:: pEMyFLRc 

The song celebrates everyday moments shared between friends, enacted by Chopra and
her pals. It talks about the fun and fights friends have and how they’re overcome because of the bond between them. The theme shifts to the relationship between dry lips and Nivea Lip balm, as the message ‘Just like me and you, lips need BFF too’ is spelt out. What follows are visuals of the young women braving extreme weather conditions, their lips protected by Nivea. The ad shows the many colours available for the product and how suing them will solve various lip problems. The ad ends with the line best friends forever, the statement they have tried to position the product around. 

According to Markathon, the advertisement will not be able to attract eyeballs. It comes
across as any other ad for a beauty product. Though the song is a good attempt made, but the tune is not catchy enough to linger on your mind for a long time. The ad, according to us, has not been able to capture the analogy they tried to portray of the best friend relation. This theme has been used in the past several times in a much better way. We think, the ad will soon fizzle out without leaving an impression on our minds.

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