Monday, November 23, 2015

AD-dicted - Catch or Miss || Kasturi Guha Thakurta & Ansul Jindal || IIM Shillong || September October 2015 edition


PRODUCT: Nestle (All Products) 

POSITIONING: A part of India's life for 100 years


YouTube Link: watch?v=3zZbU5IZ51s

The TVC showcases Nestle’s various brands and products including Milkybar, Milkmaid, Kit Kat, Nestle milk and dahi. But, it doesn’t feature the most important product Maggi, which has probably been Nestle’s most popular product in India.
From the beginning till today, Nestle’s products are shown in the TVC. The Independence Day victory or the joy of celebrating the win of Indian Team in the cricket match or the crackers bursting in Diwali, all have been supported by Nestle. TVC ends with a person saying that Nestle has always been with us

Apple plays up the aspirational appeal of its phones, showing a glamorous Indian bride using Facetime, Apple’s video calling feature, to send coy flashes to her groom of a henna-ed hand or skirt hem before their wedding. Though we feel that Apple could have done much more than project just a ‘marriage’ in the ad like highlighting some important features of the device, we liked the ‘un’Appleness of the ad. After the ad went on air, a few fans took to Twitter and voiced out their opinion which was very much in favour of this ad being Indian. 



POSITIONING: Have a Break, Have a Kit Kat! 


YouTube Link: watch?v=Dqb6yGDy-gw

Good things happen when you take a Kit Kat break is what Nestlé makes us believe with its TV commercials each time. The Nestlé Kit Kat chocolate fingers are almost synonymous with taking a refreshing break in our mindset. The TVC features adorable dancing babies that start drumming and swaying too, while a student takes a Kit Kat break in between his lectures. It features different kinds
of break, From the ‘but first let me take a selfie‘s break to the ‘teacher, can you please repeat the question’s break – the entire ad is an energizing, contemporary. It also has incorporated the breaks that are taken by the singers and lovers. They have tried to cover maximum category of common people

According to Markathon the Kitkat break doesn’t seems to attract the minds of the customer because Kit Kat is celebrating the different kinds of breaks that India takes, and it’s not just those ordinary chai breaks, these ones are quite extraordinary! But also contains the desi rap. These small breaks which is not alluring the eyeballs. The concept of coming up with different kind of breaks will take a lot of time to get into the hearts of people. And, going by the massive views on its new television commercial that has been uploaded on YouTube, the brand should have come up with something new and different through which user can directly relate to it.

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