Monday, November 23, 2015

Updates || Cheena Pasrija || IIM Shillong || August 2015 edition


Reliance Brands to launch Japanese retailer Muji’s stores all across the country 

Reliance brands have entered a joint venture with Japan’s Ryohin Keikaku Co. Ltd. to enter the rapidly growing Indian market. The leading retailer under the Muji brand will open standalone stores across major cities across the nation. The range of products which will be covered are clothing, furniture, stationary, kitchen tools, beauty items and many more. 

Major liquor giant Constellation Brands to launch a new wine in India 

Prosecco will be the name of the new wine that is all set to hit the Indian market which is
being launched by the Global liquor firm Constellation Brands. The Indian wine market is expected to be one of the biggest wine markets in Asia in the next five years. As per Industry experts, a growing young urban population is definitely going to help reaching good sales in wine which is luring the brand to launch new product in India even though the high taxes are posing challenge.


3 WPP Agencies chosen by Coca Cola for Its Global Ad Campaign 

Coca Cola has finalized the three agencies that will create their next global campaign after a total of 10 shops pitched their ideas earlier in the year. Coke has confirmed the names of three agencies which are Ogilvy New York, Madrid’s SRA Rushmore and Santo in Buenos Aires. The idea of the brand was to capture ideas from across the globe that will have an automatic connect with people from all geographies. 

Aéropostale partners with Arvind Lifestyle to enter the Indian market 

Major US brand Aeropostale is teaming up with Arvind Lifestyle to enter the rapidly growing
Indian market. The brand, popularly known as Aero is planning to come up with its first store in India in March next year. In all, the Company wants to open around 30 stores in India in the next three years and also want to be showcased at the e-commerce platform. India is a truly exciting retail market, driven by its growing economy and vibrant youth culture,” said Julian R Geiger, CEO of Aeropostale.


Unilever faces social media protest 

 Unilever is facing issues on all fronts now. Earlier the battlegrounds were bottom lines and shelf spaces but now they have a new threat, which might pose to be a bigger problem to them than the rest. Unilever was recently a target of social media ambush. The producer of Dove soaps and Surf washing powder – Unilver has been ambushed by a 28-year-old Indian rapper, Sofia Ashraf. She has released a video against Unilever which has gone viral on web. The video “Kodaikanal Won’t” raised the issue of the environment damage done by Unilver in Kodiakanal and calls on Unilever to “clean up your mess”. It has managed to get 2.7 million views online and a response from Paul Polman, Unilever’s chief executive. 


Not everything needs to be stored digitally- Canon Printers 

Not all moments should be stored digitally, some of them are private and just for you. The
ad emphasizes on maintaining privacy by preferring print-outs over digital storage. It is short, funny and creates an impact which lasts. Canon, with this strategy, is not just promoting its product but the printing industry as a whole. 

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